Brooklyn Brewery Tour Redesign

Service design/UX student work, December 2018.
Team: Olivia Greco, Danielle Yoon, Hayoung Shin, Cheonhyun Park

Brooklyn brewery has made good beer since 1987. Through user research, my team discovered areas for improvement for this Williamsburg landmark. People come to Brooklyn Brewery for the tour. It’s a destination for tourists and Brooklyn locals alike. We confirmed a few pain points in the user journey:

  • Line/wait time is too long

  • Lack of signage

  • Tour was unfocused difficult to follow

  • Missing a special takeaway


Through our research and interviewing process with both Brooklyn Brewery management and different visitors, we nailed down the goals of the brewery and identified what’s missing. By mapping the customer journey of the brewery’s target users, tourists and local beer lovers, we concluded that dissatisfaction lied in the customer’s feelings during and after the tour.

Visiting the brewery to enjoy beer in the main taproom is successful - here’s how my team proposed to improve the other premier feature of the original brewery location: the free tour.