One League

Student mentorship with Capital One
Strategic Innovation in Service & Product design

These days people want to do everything online, including their banking. But with the big financial questions, sometimes you need to talk to a real person. Customers still value knowing there is a physical space they can visit for their needs. Enter Capital One Cafés: strategically located café spaces that provide a casual and un-intimidating place for people to work, get coffee, and talk about money, if they want to.

The Challenge

How can we create a more cohesive experience for users across Capital One digital banking and physical assets of the café spaces?



The Solution

OneLeague is a new membership program designed to help users tap into the full potential of the Capital One cafés.

The OneLeague membership will be accessible through the Capital One app, and anyone can join. Existing Capital One customers will automatically have access to the full OneLeague membership and receive exclusive access to their cafés to both work in a new space and use incredible financial services. Visitors to the café can sign up for a basic OneLeague membership. OneLeague members receive membership benefits through the app including booking money coaching, reserving a table, and earning café points. As cafés become Capital One’s main physical representation, they will provide greater value and consistency for Capital One customers.