Zodiac Wheel

Student work, Physical Computing
Team: Olivia Greco, Kaitlin Carano, Jiya Seo, Chi Ching Tsai
Role: Building and construction

The zodiac wheel is an interactive object that projects your horoscope in the middle of the circle when you touch your zodiac sign.


Inspired by a unique medium, conductive paint, my team began constructing this project by building a simple capacitive proximity sensor using the conductive paint, a resistor and the Arduino. We used processing code to display different text on screen when different sensors are pressed. We decided to use wood as the best material to construct this piece if its final setting might be mounted on a wall in a public space. We painted twelve circles in a clock-like format around the perimeter of the wood circle using the conductive paint. Each of the 12 circles would represent a different zodiac sign.


We projected the zodiac signs on to the middle of each of the circles to create a beautiful and charming experience. The Zodiac Wheel could be mounted in a public setting such as an office, co-working space or cafe so that a user could walk by the Zodiac Wheel and interact with it daily for a different horoscope reading.