Human Population Globe

Added on by Olivia Greco.

Our team’s idea for a final project is to create a 3D way to visualize data about human population growth on the planet earth over time. Our globe could serve an educational purpose as a more interactive, easily visualized way to understand how human life has spread across the globe. We will buy a small 5-6” globe and fasten it through an axis to a slightly larger clear plastic globe that will fit around it. We will use neopixel strips of LEDs to illuminate areas of each continent to represent population mass. We will use a gesture sensor for users to make the earth spin by waving their hand right or left in front of the globe, and the globe will spin on its axis using motor. We will also use a potentiometer which the user can interact with to manually view/adjust the year that they’re seeing represented through the LEDs lit up on the continents.